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Sennelier Calligraphy Set

Sennelier's inks are likened to China inks and are available in a huge selection of high quality colors.

Colors are mixable with each other and with the thinner can be reduced for various techniques.  

All colors are extremely rich, made with a shellac gum binder giving them a unique brilliance, brightness and vibration under light.

They dry rapidly and display a high degree of water resistance, without being indelible. 

This beautifully designed set contains four 30ml bottles of ink (China, a completely lightfast, super deep black, cobalt blue, sepia and walnut). Being shellac based, they have a unique brilliance, brightness and intensity. Set also includes a 7x7 calligraphy pad, bamboo pen, brush and towel.

Calligraphy Set - Includes:

  • 4 jars of 30 ml with pipette (Cobalt Blue, Walnut, Sepia, Sennelier Indian Ink)- 
  • 1 bamboo pen
  • 1 brush
  • 1 embroided Sennelier cloth
  • 1 paper pad 7 x 7 




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