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Pebeo Setacolor Transparent Fabric Colours

Pebeo Setacolor is a vivid line of fabric paints for apparel and home decor. Setacolor transparent colors are ideal for hand painting on cotton, velvet, blends, and all-natural fabrics. Your artwork will become permanent once heat set.

Sun Print Tutorial For Another S.I.X. Challenge

I believe in the adage make hay while the sun shines - so yesterday on the Kapiti coast, the sun was shining beautifully and the wind just a gentle breeze. Out with the fabric, pebeo Setacolor transparent paints, paintbrush and my trusty box of dried pressed leaves.
I used the following colours on damp fabric (which was a heavy cream colour, kind of splotchy): plum, vermilion, lemon yellow and pernod yellow (an olive green), and thinned the paint a little more on the fabric with water so some of the colours mingled.
Lay out the pressed leaves (as the fabric dried I needed to place little weights - stones - on the leaves to keep them in place):
It took 1 - 2 hours for the fabric to dry, with this result:
I also used a skeleton leaf just to see if it was worthwhile doing. Here is the result of that experiment:
I'm pretty pleased with this.
Iron with a dry iron on cotton setting to ensure that the colours are set, then off to stitch!


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