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Schmincke Horadam Watercolour Luxory Chest

Schmincke Artist quality watercolour set with 36 colours, incl. Wooden case

Treat yourself to something special with the 51-piece watercolour set by Schmincke.

This high-quality set offers you a wide assortment,

which is aimed at the watercolour painting and meets the highest demands.

No less than 36 selected colours of the series Horadam

(18 as 1/2 cup and 18 as 1/1 Napf) are available in this set.

For this purpose brushes, mixed pallets, etc. - there are no wishes left open.

Experience the watercolour painting in its most beautiful form -

with the fully equipped watercolour set by Schmincke,

which is offered to you in a noble wooden box.

This set offers the following features: -

1 x Noble wooden box with many compartments and high-quality details -

18 colours of the series Horadam in 1/2 cups -

18 colours of the series Horadam in 1/1 cups - 1 x Ochsengalle 60 ml -

1 x Aqua Fix 60 ml - 1 x Gum Arabic 60 ml - 1 x Masking Pen, dyed 25 ml - 2 x Pencil - 1 x metal pallet -

1 x Brush Soap - 2 x da Vinci brushes (size 8 and 12)

- 1 x watercolour sponge - 1 x Eraser - 1 x Telescopic Cup Metal

- 1 x Empty bottle for water

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